My practice involves an insatiable fascination with architectural spaces that evoke a sense of psychological unease.

This compulsion toward an aesthetics of anxiety leads me to fabricate confined space environments which include-scale shifts-using architectural models seamlessly blended into full –sized structures-into which the viewer is invited to physically enter and explore. I enjoy the dialogue created by these scale differences and by utilizing both interior and exterior spaces to create a coherent three-dimensional system.

These immersive constructions all exist in an ambiguous juncture between architecture, environment, installation, sculpture, and theatrical mise en scene. They are bastards of creation deriving from, but never occupying their rightful place in any of those storied disciplines. From this peculiar and out-lying vantage-I am able to articulate the uncanny impulses that they are infused with.

I aim to disorient the viewer in an attempt to break the staid, often detached, passive, and familiar approach to consuming artworks. I believe that it is only in this hermetic space where authentic communication between artist and viewer occurs. To this end I employ tactics of individual viewer experience-such as compelling the spectator/ inhabitant to crawl, crouch, lay, or adopt an atypical body position as they explore the confines and sensory stimuli of the piece.

I am currently investigating the concept of cognitive dissonance as articulated through an architectural lexicon. I am drawn to create works in which some unknown, sudden, violent event has rendered a space inert-transforming it from its original intended function into some form of hybrid and liminal zone.